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RF05: Searching for Clouds

The morning of RF05 started almost cloudless and full of sun shine, which of course is not a good thing if you're about to perform a cloud mission. The only hope was to rely on late morning convection to work up some clouds for us.

Almost cloudless sky in the morning.

Luckily, the convection played its part and clouds started to develop northeast of Broomfield. We started the engines and off we went.

This was a special flight for me in that sense that we had two operators for our instrument but only one seat with computer access. Whereas normally I just stare the computer screen without blinking during cloud penetrations, this time I let my colleague to do the hard work and enjoyed the cloud passes from the cockpit (without stress of making sure that everything works as supposed at these crucial seconds). It's really impressing to see the pilots at their work, trying to hit every little cloud patch and navigate turns. I hope you'll get some impression from the video attached below.

Found one! Approaching a cloud - inside a cloud (shaking) - out of the cloud.

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