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SID-3 Installed for the First Time on Geophysica

The SID-3 (Small Ice Detector mark 3) was installed for the first time on the research aircraft Geophysica. It passed the first primary tests, i.e. the instrument reacted positive to the aircraft power and produced a valid signal to the cockpit. The actual EMC test is scheduled for tomorrow, where the electromagnetic compatibility of the aircraft and the instrumentation onboard is checked.

The first test flight, that would be simultaneously the virgin flight of the SID-3 onboard Geophysica, is scheduled for Thursday. However, since the Swedish military has refused the flight permits for the "Russian state aircraft", this flight will be most likely cancelled. It remains as a mystery, if we can perform the scheduled test flight or if we have to head to India as "blind" without knowing the performance of the instrument probe.

SID-3 photographed from the left wing position of the Geophysica.

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