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Politics Against Science

Problems are inevitable in field campaigns. The Kiruna test campaign for the StratoClim-project was shifted and, therefore, also shortened to meet everyones needs. Yet, only after the instruments and the science team had arrived the measurement location in Kiruna, the Swedish military refused the flight permits and ordered the Geophysica (referred as the Russian state aircraft), to leave the country.

Allowing non-commercial aircrafts to fly in foreign countries is a serious business. However, there seems to be a wall between the decision makers and the scientists. Somewhere communication does not flow. Whether it is poor communication from the science teams or the lack of interest from the decision makers to get to know the science behind the application, only wasted work without results is the outcome. We scientist maybe loose one or two science flights but each flight hour covers tens of hours invested for preparation. Tens of hours paid by the society without the outcome. We maybe fly with a Russian aircraft but this Russian aircraft is one of the most robust high altitude aircrafts available for research. I am proud of getting the change to work with Geophysica, even if it will stay grounded the whole campaign period.

Geophysica in hangar.


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